Cooling lubricant Applications        

  • Drilling and broaching


    Through the use of dedicated Lubrofip products, it is possible to carry out broaching and drilling operations, even deep, on all metals.

  • Milling

    The milling operations can be performed with numerous products of the Lubrofip lines.

  • Lapping


    Fiprokim has developed a series exclusively dedicated to lapping, both mineral-based and synthetic biological ester-based one.

  • Protection


    The Oilprot line is able to meet the needs of protecting materials even for long periods of storage or transport by sea. Protection is also available thanks to VCI technology.

  • Grinding

    Fiprokim has formulated a series of specific products for grinding.

    However, some of these products are also suitable for chip removal operations.

  • Stamping

    Fiprokim technicians have developed many emulsifiable or whole products, mineral or biological-based ones, suitable for stamping, metal deformation, forming and drawing operations.

  • Cutting

    Cutting and chip removal operations in general can be performed with numerous products of the Lubrofip lines.

  • Turning


    Many products are available, formulated by Fiprokim laboratories, suitable for turning operations.

  • Wiredrawing

    Fiprokim has developed a series of specific products for wiredrawing, mineral or synthetic ones.


Chemical Product Applications

  • Pickling


    Numerous products are available for pickling and removing oxides, specific for each type of material and surface.

  • Prepainting


    Fiprokim has formulated a series of specific products for prepainting treatments, able to guarantee resistance to corrosion and excellent adhesion of paints on metal components and surfaces.

  • Paint stripping


    A wide range of products for the removal of paint from components and surfaces, able to satisfy every need.

  • Detergents and Degreasing

    Numerous products are available for cleaning and degreasing semifinished and finished products, specific for the removal of oils, greases, sediments, inks, particulates, oxides and processing residues.

  • Maintenance and Industrial Cleaning


    A wide range of complete and effective products for the daily cleaning of industrial floors and plants, and for scheduled maintenance operations such as descaling and removal of sediments from tanks, plants and instruments.

  • Treatment of water film booths

    Discover our specific product lines for the treatment of paints in water film booths, with a vast range of formulations for every need.

  • Water treatment and conditioning

    Fiprokim has formulated a series of specific products for the treatment and conditioning of industrial waters, ideal for boilers, heat exchangers, open and closed circuits, evaporators and much more.

  • Welding


    Fiprokim has developed a line exclusively dedicated to welding and braze welding, with multimetal fluxes and protective products.

  • Molding


    Discover the products formulated by Fiprokim for molding operations, with releasing and non-sticking products able to satisfy every need.

A little bit of us      

Our Production

All Fiprokim product lines are produced at our headquarters in Altavilla Vicentina. The wide range of mixers and special equipment allows Fiprokim to have considerable productive capacity.

Customized formulation

The company has a research and development laboratory made up of technicians specialized in the various areas. The study of technical solutions and the selection and control of raw materials are only the first fundamental step in the process of formulating an effective product.

Our Company

Fiprokim has more than twenty years of experience in research, formulation, production and marketing of chemical products for the treatment of metals and their detergents and cooling lubricants for the mechanical processing of metals.


Fiprokim S.r.l.

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