Fiprokim has more than twenty years of experience in research, formulation, production and marketing of chemical products for the treatment of metals and their detergents and cooling lubricants for the mechanical processing of metals.

Fiprokim operating on national and European territory thanks to a consolidated know-how is able to meet the expectations and needs of the customer by offering a wide range of products that are supplied promptly.


Fiprokim offers a high quality standard. The company strongly believes in the research and development of new products tailored to meet any customer need. Fiprokim chooses and controls daily the raw materials for production, that performs in a standardized and absolutely controlled manner. The delivery of the product takes place in a short time and the customer is constantly followed in the moment of use of the product.


The quality of a product is represented by the characteristics that allow it to meet the expectations of those who use it. For this reason, as early as the end of the ‘90s, Fiprokim has been a certified company. Currently it is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 in order to certify a quality system that provides quality assurance in the manufacture, application and assistance of its products.

Internal Formulation

All Fiprokim products are formulated, tested and certified in the company's R & D laboratory.



All products offered by Fiprokim are formulated, tested, produced and checked at the Company's headquarters. In this way, Fiprokim technicians can have complete control of all the processes that contribute to the production of a technically effective formulation.

   • Own production

  • Total process control

  • Careful research into raw materials and effective solutions


The continuous search for quality raw materials, their incoming quality control and the attention to all production processes and subsequent control allow Fiprokim to propose cutting-edge, effective and constantly evolving product lines.

The study of the Customer's processes and the subsequent after-sales assistance by Fiprokim Technicians and Agents are able to ensure the effectiveness of the products.

  • Quality control and raw materials research

    Study of the Customer's process by Agents and specialized Technicians

  • After sales assistance

Customer Approach

The customer is promptly and effectively followed.

Following a preliminary interview and the gathering of information, an ad hoc technical proposal is presented in which various solutions and customizations can be proposed based on the needs and processes of the Customer.

Personalization is the added value of the company.

  • Speed ​​and effectiveness of the service

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Product customization

Bio & Green Approach

Quality products respecting the environment.


Green Philosophy

Our wide range of products is distinguished by the numerous solutions with low environmental impact, with great attention to current safety, use and disposal regulations. This is the reason for our lines of pickling agents free from fluorides and nitrates, water-based detergents in place of solvents, chlorine-free clarifiers, VOC-free degreasing agents and numerous alternatives that our technical department is able to identify.

    • Eco-sustainability

    • Customization

Dedicated cooling lubricants lines

Thanks to the eco-friendly approach of Fiprokim two product lines were developed, Lubrofip 4500 and 5500, totally free from mineral oil and formulated with synthetic esters derived from renewable, biodegradable and vegetable sources.

  •  Lubrofip 4500 line

  •  Lubrofip 5500 line



Organized to guarantee results

Fiprokim has always believed in the importance of understanding the customers’ needs and consequently serving them better. Customer service is a fundamental point of the approach that Fiprokim has with its market. Fiprokim deals with its customers by offering them advice first of all, thus starting a constructive dialogue in which the Company and the Customer are partners with the same purpose: to achieve the most satisfactory result together.

   • Speed ​​and effectiveness of the service

   • Customer satisfaction

   • Customization

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Thanks to the adherence of its organization and quality management system to ISO standards, Fiprokim Group achieved in 1998 the certification of the company quality system according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard for "Research and development, production and marketing of chemical products and relative technical assistance ". Currently it is certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Fiprokim therefore subjects its production process to ISO quality control starting from the definition of the customers' requirements, arriving to the monitoring of the entire process / production process.

  • Speed ​​and effectiveness of the service

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Customization 



 1994  Foundation

Fiprokim was set up in a territory, that of the Triveneto, which at the time was experiencing a period of intense transformations even from an industrial point of view. The growing need for effective chemicals that respect the environment and the people who use them led Sergio Pranovi, still the owner of the company, to embark on this entrepreneurial venture.

 1999  ISO 9000 Certification

The company obtains the ISO 9002 certification, an important certificate of the hard work carried out in these first years of intense activity.

 2002  The laboratory

New research in Fiprokim's laboratories allows the company to acquire a new product line that is increasingly effective from the point of view of results and with greater respect for the work and the external environment.

 2011  The new headquarters

In 2011, against the national market trend, the ownership inaugurated the new headquarters of the company. In the new industrial area of ​​Altavilla Vicentina (VI) 1400 sqm of offices, common areas, meeting and show rooms and 4000 sqm dedicated to warehouse, production and research & development laboratory are the perfect environment to work on the new decade just begun.

 2015  Cooling lubricants

Fiprokim develops its last product line: the cooling lubricants.

Thanks to technicians and consultants with more than ten years’ know-how, in the Fiprokim laboratories more lines of cooling lubricants for the mechanical processing of metals are developed.

The staff

Agent network

Fiprokim has a consolidated Agent network, trained by the Technical Managers of the various areas, in order to guarantee effective advice to customers.

Headquarters personnel

All FIPROKIM employees and cooperators embrace and share the owner's vision "turning everyone's talent into everyone's project". It is with these bases that every day the entire company staff is committed to guaranteeing the high quality and professional standards that the company holds. A family company with markets in Italy and abroad always ready to get involved and face new challenges.

Sergio Pranovi

Amministratore Delegato

Alberto Pranovi

Responsabile Commerciale

Luca Pranovi

Responsabile Tecnico

Sergio Pranovi


Alberto Pranovi

Commercial manager

Luca Pranovi

Technical manager


Fiprokim S.r.l.

Via dei Laghi, 50

36077 - Altavilla Vicentina (VI)  Italy


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