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Technical features

FIPROPLUS 915 is a liquid product, phosphorus-free, suitable for application before powder coating or cataphoretic systems. It reacts with substrates of steel, aluminum and zinc to increase adhesion and corrosion resistance properties on all types of paints.
FIPROPLUS 915 is based on silanes and is free from heavy metals. Before treatment, the substrates must be degreased and rinsed thoroughly to allow correct deposition.
The product can be used at room temperature (thus allowing considerable energy savings), both by spray and by immersion. FIPROPLUS 915 can be used with mains water to form the bath, however it is always recommended to use it with demineralized water, for greater activity and duration of the bath.

Usage and Applications

The FIPROPLUS 915 solutions must be prepared in tanks or washing machines previously cleaned and rinsed.
Before applying FIPROPLUS 915, all surfaces must be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly. To achieve the best performance and extend the life of the bath, the rinse should be followed by a cascade rinse with demineralized water towards the previous rinse stage.

FIPROPLUS 915 is used under the following operating conditions:

Concentration:                                0.5 - 3.0%
Temperature:                                   20 - 40 ° C
Time:                                                  20 "- 400"
Pressure:                                           1 -2 bar
Conductivity:                                   maximum 1000 µS / cm
Score:                                                 1.7-10.4 ml 0.1N acid

After treatment with FIPROPLUS 915, drying in an oven at 60-70 ° C is recommended for better performance, as the temperature favors the adhesion reaction of the silane.
It is recommended (for low concentrations) not to use a final rinse with water. It is also suggested to use clean compressed air to remove excess solution from any cavities and shielded parts.


Control of bathing

  • Take 100 ml of bath in a 200-250 ml flask or flask

  • Add 5-6 drops of Bromothymol Blue Indicator. The solution should take on a blue color.

  • Titrate with 0.1 N acid until the color changes from blue to yellow, passing through a green color.

  • The ml of 0.1 N sulfuric acid used correspond to the bath score.

  • The bath score multiplied by 0.3 gives the percentage of product.

FIPROPLUS 915 at 1% in demi water: consumption of 4.3 ml of acid
FIPROPLUS 915 at 1% in mains water: consumption of 6.4 ml of acid
If the conductivity exceeds 1000 μS / cm, it is recommended to regenerate part of the bath and reintegrate it with fresh water and product.

For best results, for bath preparation, it is recommended to use water that does not exceed the following characteristics:

Conductivity: 550 μS / cm
Chlorides + sulphates: 70 ppm (70 mg / l)

A solution of FIPROPLUS 915 normally has a pH between about 8-10. The pH normally decreases slightly with the aging of the bath.



For each ml of 0.1 N acid missing, add 3 l of product for every 1000 l of bath.
An automatic equipment based on conductivity values ​​can be used for the automatic feeding of the product.


  • Pickling Baths

  • Paint stripping

  • Process and waste water treatment

  • Alkaline degreasing baths

  • Phosphodegreasing baths

  • Interoperational

  • Ultrasonic washing machines

  • Treatment in spray booths

  • Additive of emulsions


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Fusti di stoccaggio


Tutte le linee Fiprokim sono prodotte presso la nostra sede di Altavilla Vicentina.

La vasta gamma di miscelatori ed apparecchiature ci permette di avere una notevole potenza produttiva.

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Fiprokim si avvale di un laboratorio di ricerca e sviluppo formato da tecnici specializzati nei vari settori.

Lo studio delle soluzioni tecniche, la selezione ed il controllo delle materie prime fanno parte del processo di creazione di un prodotto efficace.

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Fiprokim ha una più che ventennale esperienza nel campo della ricerca, formulazione, produzione e commercializzazione di prodotti chimici per il trattamento dei metalli  e la loro detergenza e di lubrorefrigeranti per la lavorazione meccanica dei metalli.

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