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Anti-scaling products and biocides

The process

The treatment of water in purification plants, cooling circuits, heat exchangers, evaporative towers, boilers and water recirculation circuits in general is called air conditioning.
This is a fundamental process, which is part of the correct maintenance and management of a plant.

The conditioning of the circuit water makes it possible to avoid the onset of numerous problems:   the formation of limestone deposits and organic sediments, with consequent clogging,
dangerous corrosive phenomena, which often affect pipes and ducts that are more difficult to replace, and also the development of bacteria, algae and molds, which affect the efficiency of the system.

Therefore, the dosage of suitable products allows to solve these problems quickly, economically, and above all lasting, guaranteeing greater longevity to your plants.

Fiprokim solutions

Over the years, Fiprokim has developed a wide range of products specially designed and formulated for the purification and maintenance of purifiers, boilers, cooling towers and osmosis systems. a reduced environmental impact.

In fact, with the FiproAK line we offer alkalizing, dispersing, anti-scaling, deoxygenating agents with a large variety of formulations, all of proven efficacy. Their use allows you to easily manage all those systems where the recirculation of water can cause localized corrosion phenomena, limestone deposits and obstructions.

They are characterized by the refinement of the formula and raw materials, with formulations carefully designed to guarantee a broad spectrum action: in fact, we offer solutions suitable for countless types of systems, with different operating pressures and temperatures, particular hardness of the mains water, presence of dispersed pollutants.

Processing and materials

Our specific products for the treatment and conditioning of industrial water are suitable for numerous applications, from boilers to evaporators to cooling towers, and are compatible with any type of surface and material.


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Dedicated product lines


Products specifically designed and formulated for the purification and maintenance of purifiers, boilers, cooling towers and osmosis systems The products of this line guarantee the customer a significant reduction in the maintenance costs of the systems and a reduced environmental impact.


Products with a broad spectrum of action designed for the elimination of bacterial colonies in waste and process water, mold, algae, and bad odors.


Antifreeze products free from nitrites, amines and phosphates. Non-toxic products with anticorrosive properties.

Dedicated single products


Fusti di stoccaggio


All Fiprokim lines are produced at our headquarters in Altavilla Vicentina.

The wide range of mixers and equipment allows us to have a considerable production power.

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Fiprokim avails itself of a research and development laboratory made up of technicians specialized in the various sectors.

The study of technical solutions, the selection and control of raw materials are part of the process of creating an effective product.

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Fiprokim has more than twenty years of experience in the field of research, formulation, production and marketing of chemical products for the treatment of metals  and their detergents and coolants for the mechanical processing of metals.

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