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Products for brazing with fluxes and multimetal protective agents

The process

Welding processes are now fundamental in metalworking, and today they find use in every industrial sector.

The development that these processes have had over the years has led to the birth of numerous variants, and at the same time for each of them special products called fluxing and protective products have been created, which are used to optimize the welding process itself.

Whether using oxyacetylene, electrode, laser, MIG, TIG, submerged arc or plasma welding, it is essential to use these products to eliminate and prevent the formation of defects during the processing phase.

While the fluxes guarantee excellent smoothness of the molten material, or filler, the protective products exert an antioxidant action on the surface of the treated material, preventing the formation of thermal oxides, stains and halos on the finished piece.

Our welding products

Our Fiproflux line is made up of effective ready-to-use products, capable of performing a double function in the welding phase. In fact, our products have a very complete formulation that allows them to act both as fluxes, favoring the flow of the molten metal and the filling of voids, and as protective ones, preventing the formation of unsightly thermal oxide stains on the surface of the treated material. . With the use of these products, the welding takes place in a more fluid and safe way, reducing the formation of defects and thus guaranteeing a higher final quality.

Processing and materials

Our auxiliary products for welding are specifically designed for different types of welding, and for different materials and alloys to be treated. In this way, every single process can count on specific formulations, able to guarantee efficiency and control.


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Dedicated product lines


Our line of auxiliary products for welding: a wide choice of formulations able to favor the flow of filler metals, and protect the treated material, preventing stains and oxidation.

Dedicated single products


Fusti di stoccaggio


All Fiprokim lines are produced at our headquarters in Altavilla Vicentina.

The wide range of mixers and equipment allows us to have a considerable production power.

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Fiprokim avails itself of a research and development laboratory made up of technicians specialized in the various sectors.

The study of technical solutions, the selection and control of raw materials are part of the process of creating an effective product.

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Fiprokim has more than twenty years of experience in the field of research, formulation, production and marketing of chemical products for the treatment of metals  and their detergents and coolants for the mechanical processing of metals.

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