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prodotti chimici per ogni lavorazione industriale

The Fiprokim World

A wide range of chemical products for every industrial processing. Our constantly updated product lines offer a secure solution for your company.

LABORATORIO di prodotti chimici

How we work

Customer support starts well before the sale. The Fiprokim philosophy provides the support of its technicians already from the initial phase of the relation, when it is essential to know and understand the real customer needs.

Produttori di prodotti chimici e lubrorefrigeranti

Our products

Fiprokim has a wide range of products, with specific formulations for each industrial sector and application. All products offered by Fiprokim are formulated, tested, produced and checked at the Company's headquarters. In this way we have complete control of all production processes, offering the guarantee of solutions and products tailored to the individual customer.

Produttori di prodotti chimici e lubrorefrigeranti

Our BLOG has arrived!

Do you have any doubts? Some questions? Or are you curious to know our new products and learn more about the application techniques directly from our experts. 


Our blog is just for you! With our constant updates you will always have new content to view.

How to treat our Products

Each product requires care and attention, so not only on the blog, but also on the site you can see the different techniques and applications of the various products.

For any need contact us!

Fiprokim, Produttori di prodotti chimici e lubrorefrigeranti


Fiprokim's decades of experience in the field of chemistry is also applied to construction. Through its Rpm Italia brand, Fiprokim offers a complete range of resins for different fields of use.

Industries, commercial and civil realities turn to Rpm Italia for resin flooring and wall coverings, both for interiors and exteriors.

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