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Technical features

FIPROCOAT 9000 is a product for the pre-painting treatment, free from chromium and heavy metals, used to produce a blue color conversion on iron, a colorless to iridescent conversion on aluminum and galvanized. The resulting coating layer has excellent anchoring properties for the paint and provides good corrosion protection.

Usage and Applications

FIPROCOAT 9000 can be applied both by spray and by immersion, in aqueous solution.
Operating conditions may vary depending on the result and the pre-treatment system.

Before carrying out the conversion, it is necessary to eliminate any pollutant from the surface of the pieces to be treated, using alkaline degreasing baths, followed by more accurate rinses.
Prepare the bath using demineralized water and add 10 to 50 kg of FIPROCOAT 9000 for every 1000 liters of bath. Bring to working temperature and homogenize at least 15 minutes before treating the pieces.
Then add from 3 to 25 kg of ALCAFIP 1051 until the pH of the working bath stabilizes for values ​​between 4.2 and 4.8.
After treatment with FIPROCOAT 9000, it is necessary to rinse the pieces with clean water, preferably demineralized (overflow is appreciated) and final step with deionized or demineralized water. Possibility of inserting FIPROPLUS 915 in steps after conversion, to optimize the adhesion of the paint.
Drying with a temperature between 50 and 90 ° C follows.


Control of bathing

To check the working bath score, proceed as follows:

  • Take 50 ml of bath and transfer it to an Erlenmeyer flask

  • Add 6 ÷ 7 drops of phenolphthalein indicator

  • Titrate with 0.1N NaOH, the milliliters of 0.1N NaOH consumed indicate the concentration of the working bath

A bath prepared with 30 g / l of FIPROCOAT 9000 has a score, without pH adjustment, of 4.3 ml.
Adjusting the pH with about 20 g / l of ALCAFIP 1051 a score of about 10.0 ml is obtained.
For greater management accuracy of the bath, it is also advisable to periodically determine the zirconium points by means of a complexometric titration of the solution under examination.



The correct supply of the bath will be determined by the Fiprokim technical service also according to the set overflow quantity.
In any case, it is recommended to introduce 7 kg of FIPROCOAT 9000 for each missing zirconium point for 1000 liters of bath.
However, it is advisable to feed continuously, using overflow to reduce pollutants and to feed according to the set pH.

Plant engineering and storage measures

  • Deposition of a homogeneous protective substrate

  • Easy to start and run process

  • Low environmental impact and non-hazardous products

  • Increased hours of salt spray

  • Increased adhesion of paints and coatings

  • Preconversion or final treatment


  • Excellent pre-painting or pre-conversion treatment

  • Free of chromium and me


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Prodotti Correlati


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Fusti di stoccaggio


Tutte le linee Fiprokim sono prodotte presso la nostra sede di Altavilla Vicentina.

La vasta gamma di miscelatori ed apparecchiature ci permette di avere una notevole potenza produttiva.

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Fiprokim si avvale di un laboratorio di ricerca e sviluppo formato da tecnici specializzati nei vari settori.

Lo studio delle soluzioni tecniche, la selezione ed il controllo delle materie prime fanno parte del processo di creazione di un prodotto efficace.

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Fiprokim ha una più che ventennale esperienza nel campo della ricerca, formulazione, produzione e commercializzazione di prodotti chimici per il trattamento dei metalli  e la loro detergenza e di lubrorefrigeranti per la lavorazione meccanica dei metalli.

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