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Ecological emulsifiable coolant for metalworking free from mineral oil, boron and formaldehyde.


LUBROFIP 4501 is an emulsifiable cooling lubricant formulated with synthetic esters derived from renewable and vegetable sources. It is totally free of mineral oil and is free from boron, nitrites, secondary amines and formaldehyde.
It is suitable for very heavy machining of ferrous metal chip removal, including stainless steel, non-ferrous, aluminum and yellow alloys.

Features and Benefits


Thanks to the particular formulation, LUBROFIP 4501 forms a stable milky-translucent microemulsion in water, able to guarantee excellent performance even in the long term.
LUBROFIP 4501 is free from mineral oil, formaldehyde, boron, nitrites and secondary amines.
It is characterized by high EP (Extreme Pressures) qualities and excellent protection from oxidation.
The emulsifying package has been formulated to give good emulsion capacities with both hard and softer waters.


  • The long life of the emulsion allows for economic savings

  • The translucent emulsion offers good washing properties, allowing a good cleaning of the machined parts and of the machine.

  • The excellent biocidal abilities reduce the onset of bad odors caused by bacteria, fungi and algae.

  • Suitable for both single and centralized systems

  • Reduced environmental impact and on the working environment

  • Versatile product, also suitable for very heavy chip removal operations, such as tapping and broaching.

  • Also suitable for processing yellow alloys

  • Excellent antioxidant power

  • Possibility of using the product with water of different hardness.

  • Excellent antifoam capabilities

Physical-Chemical Data

Amber liquid
Refractometric factor
Paper Test 3%
Type of Emulsion
pH at 3%
8.8 - 9.2

Applications and Concentration of use

LUBROFIP 4501 is suitable for chip removal and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and yellow alloys.
Concentrations of use vary in consideration of the severity of the processing and of the processed material
The indicative percentages of use are:


Method of use and storage

Before the first filling with LUBROFIP 4501, add the specific detergent FIPRO SG 1015 recommended by the technical service and continue working for at least 16 hours.
Empty the system, rinse and fill with new emulsion.
The emulsion can be prepared either manually or with an automatic mixer, adding the pure product to the water. Never vice versa. It is good practice to shake the product before use.
In order for the LUBROFIP 4501 emulsions to retain their biostatic and antioxidant properties, it is essential not to drop below the minimum recommended concentration.
If necessary, it is possible to intervene with the auxiliary products recommended by the technical service.
Keep the emulsion tank clean. In the event of the presence of oil from the guides on the surface, use an oil separator to allow the aeration of the emulsion.
Do not store the product for more than six months. Protect from freezing, keep the packages closed and away from heat sources. Avoid storage in direct sunlight (storage temperatures between + 5 ° C and + 40 ° C).
The Fiprokim technical service is available for advice and presence at your company.


  • Biological emulsifiers for metal processing

  • Safe for the operator

  • Based on synthetic esters derived from renewable and vegetable source


Grinding and chip removal operations, including heavy ones:

  • Cut

  • Turning

  • Milling

  • Single and multi-spindle CNC machines

  • Roughing

  • Boring

  • Boring

  • Drilling

  • Thread


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Multimetal emulsifiable fluid based on synthetic esters derived from renewable and vegetable sources, free from mineral oil, chlorine, boron and formaldehyde donors. Also suitable for heavy cutting and chip removal.


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