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What liquid is used for ultrasonic cleaning


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Ultrasonic bubbles cleaner FIPROKIM VICENZA cleaning cavitation washing machine ultrasonic treatment

Basic principles of ultrasound


Ultrasonic cleaning is an advanced technology used to clean delicate and complex objects, such as jewelry, surgical instruments and electronic components. This technique uses high-frequency sound waves, beyond the limit of human hearing, to generate microbubbles in the cleaning liquid used.

The physical principle

The process begins by placing the objects to be cleaned inside a tank containing the appropriate liquid. The transducer, the ultrasound generator, emits waves through the liquid, creating cycles of compression and rarefaction. During rarefaction, microbubbles form and, when they collapse, produce small shock waves. These waves form homogeneously within the liquid, even in the smallest interstices and irregular geometries, uniformly hitting the surface of the piece, removing dirt, grease and unwanted particles.

The advantages

The effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning lies in the ability to reach even areas that are difficult to access compared to other methods. This process, in fact, is not abrasive: it preserves the integrity of the treated objects. The technology is cutting edge: in addition to not superficially affecting the material, it is also able to clean instruments of the most varied shapes, given its ability to penetrate and remove even the most stubborn dirt. The ultrasonic washing machine therefore allows you to save time and energy by avoiding high costs and limiting the consumption of water and detergent. However, it is essential to carefully select the process, from the composition of the cleaning liquid to the washing conditions, depending on the material to be treated.

The uses

This method is used in sectors such as dentistry, eyewear, watchmaking, electronics and industrial maintenance. Ultrasonic cleaning is known for its efficiency in removing contaminants invisible to the naked eye, improving the quality and appearance of treated objects.

Ultrasonic bubbles cleaner FIPROKIM VICENZA cleaning cavitation washing machine ultrasonic treatment


How to choose the cleaning liquid to use

Specific detergent

The choice of ultrasonic cleaning liquid is crucial to achieve effective results without damaging the treated objects. Different liquids can be used depending on the type of cleaning required and the material of the objects.

The importance of the material to be treated

The formulations cover a vast range of materials and surfaces: different series of both carbon and stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum, and light alloys such as zamak, precious materials and plastic, in particular for the removal of processing pastes.

FIPROKIM SRL products for ultrasonic cleaning adapt to numerous process conditions, but are specially formulated for use with tanks or washing machines equipped with ultrasound technology. They are therefore suitable for washing medium and small sized components, in particular small parts or products with complex geometries. In fact, these formulations stand out for promoting the effectiveness of the intrinsic kinetic action of ultrasound technology, guaranteeing deep cleaning even where immersion degreasers cannot reach.

Use and Management

The products formulated for ultrasonic cleaning are simple and immediate to use. This important aspect, combined with the quality of the raw materials used in the proposed mixtures, ensures maximum effectiveness and longevity of our ultrasonic degreasers, guaranteeing the customer performance and savings.

So, what liquid is used for ultrasonic cleaning?

The liquid used for ultrasonic cleaning is a mixture of surfactants and stabilizers specific to this technology, with the aim of facilitating the cleaning action by exploiting the physical action generated by the implosion of the bubbles. The formulas are pH controlled so they can be used on all types of materials without damaging them. For each product, ranges of concentration, temperature, power and contact times have been identified in which there is a peak of performance, the FIPROKIM SRL Technical Service is available to carry out compatibility tests to identify the best product and process for each need, nevertheless it is available to plan a series of periodic checks aimed at preserving the effectiveness of the bathroom.

Ultrasonic bubbles cleaner FIPROKIM VICENZA cleaning cavitation washing machine ultrasonic treatment


The liquid products that FIPROKIM SRL uses for ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic bubbles cleaner FIPROKIM VICENZA cleaning cavitation washing machine ultrasonic treatment


The ULTRAFIP line includes detergents and degreasers specifically designed for ultrasound applications, thanks to specific formulas capable of increasing their effectiveness and durability.

ULTRAFIP is a wide range of chemical products for degreasing surfaces and multi-material components from neat oils, emulsions, greases, polishing pastes, encrustations and processing residues.

These are the main products of the line:


Strongly alkaline soda-based product, with sequestrants, dust removers, dispersants and anti-encrustants. can be used as a degreaser and as a dephosphate.


Based on organic acids, with added surfactants. Suitable for removing oils and tumbling and polishing pastes used in eyewear and cutlery. For stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, brass, copper, galvanized material (after testing). It has a deoxidizing and brightening action on brass and copper.


Weakly alkaline product consisting of non-ionic and anionic surfactants, sequestrants, secondary amines and cosolvents. Suitable for removing pastes and oils from all metals, also in goldsmith's shops for details in gold and precious alloys.


Potash-based alkaline degreaser, surface-activated with dispersants and dust removers. Suitable for oils and pastes, it has been designed for eyewear and acetal. Also suitable for treatments on iron, steel, plastic.


Alkaline product, based on soaps, surfactants, sequestrants, cosolvents and amines, free of mineral salts. Suitable for removing oils, greases, polishing pastes, tumbling, lapping, from stainless steel, aluminium, plastic. It also has a deoxidizing and whitening action on brass and copper.

FIPROKIM SRL Vicenza chemical products for industry formulated passivating antioxidants anti-corrosion protective anti-rust ultrasonic cleaning metal washing



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